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The 2014-2015 School Year Begins on Monday, August 18th
It is a hard reality to grasp that every child is not afforded the basic necessities to provide a foundation for academic success. Dillard Elementary is requesting a caring response from YOU for the children who are living in poverty. Together, we can foster hope, build self-esteem, and give a child the opportunity to flourish by providing them with the school supplies they need.

The Ranger Good Works organization grew out of Ranger Technical Resource’s desire to give back to the community, while also fulfilling the philanthropic needs of our employees, friends, and family.
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The Heart of Neiman Marcus – July 19th 2014

Have you ever heard the phrase “shop till you drop”? Well, that phrase was something you could hear throughout the store this past Saturday at the Heart of Neiman Marcus event. Everyone had a smile on their face and a rack of clothes ready to purchase in support of Dillard Elementary School. Ten percent of ALL the merchandise sales were donated to a great cause, the start of an Art Program for 800 deserving Dillard students.

Every hour the customers and staff gathered together to witness the talents of the students with live performances from various clubs and groups of Dillard Elementary. The Impact Girls Club put on a great interpretive dance show to the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. This had the whole store clapping, cheering, and even singing! The Impact Girls also participated in an Art Adventure where they hand crafted butterflies which were centrally displayed on two large walls in the women's department for all to see.

Ranger Good Works was pleased to see over a hundred of our friends and family members shopping, socializing, and more importantly, supporting Dillard Elementary School. During the event, our team was very fortunate to make some new friends which will open doors to endless possibilities for our participating organizations. Through this initiative, Dillard was able to gain major support from community partners such as Young at Art Museum and Neiman Marcus. Together we were able to exceed our goal which provided Dillard with a GREAT amount of money to start their much needed Art Program.

Fort Lauderdale Named 2014 All-America City

Fort Lauderdale is a great city and Ranger Technical Resources is proud to be included in the strategic plan to keep it that way! Victoria Ranger, President of Ranger Technical Resources and Ranger Good Works, was chosen to be a participant in Mayor Jack Seiler’s delegation to the National Civic League. She, along with an amazing delegation led by City Manager Lee Feldman, presented Fort Lauderdale’s story, which earned the city a place in history.

The City of Fort Lauderdale was named as one of ten cities, nationwide, to earn the distinction of 2014 All-America City by the National Civic League. Click Here for more information.

Ranger Technical Resources provides a PORTAL of opportunity

Ranger's technology team has developed an online portal providing a place for teachers to post any classroom or student need and be answered by a member of our Good Works community. Through this program, we have funded food, books for students to keep, technology in and outside the classroom, holiday gifts and supplies for the school store of Dillard Elementary.

Career Day 2014

On May 7th, 2014, Ranger Good Works brought the “City of Ft. Lauderdale” to the students of Dillard Elementary. Students were able to see firsthand what it feels like to take a walk through a safe and inviting city which had been created just for them. Students learned about various professions and many of our local industries during their walk. They engaged with professionals and had the chance to ask questions in a comfortable environment.

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Ranger Super Coders

We started a technology club called the Ranger Super Coders. The club was designed for students of all ages to provide a great first experience in computer science and coding. Our volunteers donate their time and talent monthly for one hour. Our goal is to inspire the youth to build self-confidence, be innovative, and dream about their future. Please be sure to check out the Super Coder's progress by visiting www.rangercoders.com.

Click Here to see a cool video of our club.

You can make a BIG difference and educate others by spreading the word about the importance of coding in computer science and by also sharing our video on any of your social media sites. Don't forget to tag #rangertechnical and #rangergoodworks!

Literacy Night

Ranger Good Works helped purchase and acquire over 800 book donations which were given to numerous families with literacy concerns. This program provided plenty of books for the children and their parents to start their in home library. We see positive results. FCAT reading scores are up by 23% in the third grade. We also heard that all of the scores are increasing tremendously! We continued this program when we received a surprise book donation from Pine Crest School. Their donation augmented the school's library with hundreds of slightly used books. While you’re cleaning out your bookshelf this summer, keep in mind that you can always make a book donation to the students of Dillard.

Email [email protected] to coordinate all donations.


Sponsorship delivers a unique opportunity to participate in the growth of the community.

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Help Dillard's children stay competitive by donating towards their technology needs.

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VPK Program

Most of Dillard’s kindergarteners did not attend a preschool to prepare them for a classroom setting. Make a difference by supporting the VPK Program.

Support VPK

For some students, the only meal they get all day is a school lunch. This isn't enough. Help by donating breakfast or an after-school snack.

Feed Our Children