About Dillard Elementary School

Dillard Elementary School is located in a predominately African American residential area in Fort Lauderdale and services students who are of low socio-economic status. Most students that currently attend Dillard Elementary have families that display generational African-American characteristics. These students now follow the tradition of attending the same elementary school their grandparents, parents, and siblings also attended.

Occupations are varied due to the educational level of the parents. Unemployment is at the top of the list, followed by fast food workers and other blue collar jobs. Most parents work the late shift of 1pm – 7 am, which is very hard for our students. They arrive late to school and the response is “my mom got home from work late” which means that homework does not get done nor is it a priority.

Most residents in the Dillard Elementary Community have a middle school to high school education. Very few residents have attended college, which is the reason for the third year in a row we have helped Dillard take fifth grade students on a college tour. The tour was designed to instill in the students, there’s more for you to strive for in life. One does not have to become a product of one’s environment. Education is not a top priority in the neighborhood, which attributes to a Reading Proficiency score of 33% and Math Proficiency score of 30%. Most residents are in survival mode.

Economic conditions are very poor. Dillard is 98% free and reduced costs for lunch. The median household income is $28,772.00, for an average household of 4 and most families are receiving assistance including food stamps.

The circumstances that are presented in the Dillard Elementary community, internally and externally, negative or positive, remain a priority to the school administration, faculty and community partners. Improving communications and building positive relationships between and among all of us is without a doubt, a top priority and goals of the school. Developing good public relations is extremely vital to the survival and sustainability of Dillard Elementary.

Progress is being made!

According to the State of Florida School’s Grading system, in 2012-2013 Dillard Elementary was rated as an undocumented “F” school.  The school’s rating is now a “C” for the 2013-2014 school year.

In 2013 Dillard Elementary was removed from the State of Florida’s lowest 100 schools list.  Broward County School District reported that Dillard Elementary’s Grade 3 students received the highest math learning growth and second highest reading learning growth in the district based upon the 2014 FCAT.