The garden club was started at Dillard Elementary four years ago. The purpose of the club is to integrate healthy eating habits into the lifestyle of elementary aged students. The students are taught how to plant, care for, and harvest fruits and vegetables. The students are also shown how to incorporate these items into their daily diets with healthy recipes.

The over all goal is to incorporate many aspects into the gardening program such as the introduction of gardening, conservation, protection of wildlife, recognition of plants, trees and shrubs, basic flower arrangements, and a love and appreciation of nature. The mentors are hoping to teach the children to be responsible and capable with greater self expression, dignity, integrity and knowledge of their environment.

Volunteers are welcome to participate.  The Garden Club meets on Thursday after school for one hour.

Goods may be donated. Please contact us. 954-527-0090
Click here to give towards supplies.  You will be able to watch Dillard’s students grow like the plants they care for.